Smoothing the sharp stones in your path to good health.

Welcome to the Serenity Therapeutics website!

Opening my doors in 2010, Serenity Therapeutic quickly became a reliable source for high quality holistic services to reach maximum whole body wellness. I began to expand and "I" became "we".

Our wide approach of using integrative therapeutic techniques such as massage, acupuncture, clean nutrition, energy work and education empowers our clients to take their health in their own hands and make lifestyle additions and changes that brings them to a more balanced stage of life.

All practitioners are independent contractors and make their own pricing and handle their own finances and discounts. Each of our practitioners are thoroughly trained and experienced to bring the best of their knowledge to the clients. We design our treatments on a client by client basis to make sure that each client can achieve their individual health needs through an extensive body, mind and spirit approach. 

Moving and expanding our location three times, we are currently located in The Colonies off Forum Boulevard in the Woodstock building.  


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