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A little about Serenity  and what we offer.

Serenity Therapeutic opened its' doors in 2010 in downtown Columbia, Missouri but  moved to Parkade Plaza on the Business Loop in 2012.  This is a small and locally run business that offers great holistic wellness treatments, trained and experienced practitioners, easy online scheduling, several opportunities to experience integrative massage techniques, acupuncture, spa treatments, Doula services and aids in the public education of the benefits of therapeutic massage, natural health options, birth and postpartum Doula services and much more.

We feel that in todays high stress and limited budgets that it is even more important for people to explore safer, more natural methods of healing and maintaining their body and mind. We firmly believe that our health and wellness is in our own hands and that we simply need to educate ourselves and have a trusted support team to help that happen.

Serenity has an easily accessible online system to schedule your appointments at your leisure just in case the busy life that you may lead leaves you unable to call during business hours or in case, like us, you may forget until you wake up with a headache, sore back or just remembered it was time to pamper yourself.

We are a team of individuals that are dedicated to bring natural and healthy options to aid in the treatment of stress management, injury recovery, life maintenance, muscle strain, headaches, weight loss, emotional wellbeing, chronic pain, body and wellness maintenance within a reasonable budget. 

Please feel free to browse the website and contact us if your questions are not answered.

                                           POLICY AND PROCEDURE

We offer therapeutic massage and integrative therapeutic techniques including but not limited to massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, acupressure, cryotherapy and more for muscle tension, chronic pain, relaxation, anxiety, depression, emotional and physical well being.

Your comfort is important to us. With massage you may undress to your comfort level, however, you must be under the sheet and will be properly covered at all times. Some treatments do not require the removal of any clothing. Your practitioner will let you know.

Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to you and us. Full confidentiality will be practiced unless we have a signed medical release or are ordered by a court of law.

Clean sheets are used for each client as well as the table being cleaned between each client. All stationary equipment has a vinyl barrier to keep cross contamination from client to client from being a problem.

Please call no less than 12 hours prior to your appointment time if you need to cancel. We understand life happens, however, if it becomes a repeated issue or if a client is a no call no show, a client may be charged for the appointment and/or be denied online scheduling abilities.

Please do not bring children to your appointment. We do not have staff to watch them and they cannot be left alone in the waiting area.

Please turn off or silence your cell phone while in our office.

Please remove body jewelry and glasses before we begin your session

Every person has different preferences, wants and needs. Please inform your practitioner immediately if you experience discomfort, pain or need the treatment adjusted. Low amounts of discomfort can be expected with some treatments when working strained muscles but should not go beyond your tolerance level. With deep tissue it is not uncommon to experience a few days of "soreness".

Sexual misconduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If any sexual comments, gestures, behavior or requests are exhibited, the practitioner will end the session immediately, the client will be responsible for the full cost of the session and will waive confidentiality.

The Client may terminate the session at any time.

The Practitioner may terminate the session at any time if they feel they are being encouraged to practice out of their scope of practice.

The Practitioner has the right to refuse service to any individual at any time.

Our practitioners are not physicians nor do they replace the advice of your physician.

Serenity Therapeutic uses multiple techniques and offers a wide variety of services for the natural wellness of our clients. Doula services is one of those services. Due to the unexpected nature of birthing children, your appointment may need to be rescheduled due to laboring clients. We appreciate your understanding and patience and your appointment will be rescheduled as early as possible. If your appointment was prepaid and you do not wish to reschedule, you can be refunded the prepaid amount upon request.

If you are becoming ill, are ill or have been in the last 72 hours please reschedule your appointment. We cannot risk the possibility of us not only getting ill ourselves but passing it on to other clients that we may see during the same time period. We do take precautions but better safe than sorry is our policy.

If the Columbia Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather than your appointment will need to be rescheduled because we will also be closed. The safety of our clients and ourselves is very important to us.